Aurora the emotionally unstable humanoid. (Teaser)

Stay calm. This is not a test!

It’s a weird world. And I’m trying to make it even weirder. I’ve got some ideas for a post apocalyptic planet. A planet full of very weird stuff. Digital collapse. Sad humanoids and overwhelmed human beings. A dark altered reality. Aurora the emotionally unstable humanoid will be a part of this adventure called “Planet Limbo”.

See you soon humans

Uncountable pieces of broken and destroyed electronic devices glued together to get what looks like a futuristic post-apocalyptic room. Firework magician Janosch is working on those really cool short circuit effects making it look even crazier.

So what I’m trying to say here is; AURORA, the emotionally unstable humanoid is coming very soon. Together with many more epic projects.

Bye bye!

See you soon, humans.


(In the meantime, check out my latest project “Moonchild“)


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